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Small Cash Management Safes

Guardall Deposit Safes are perfect for the security of your business cash management systems and are essential to secure the on-site cash of your day to day business income. Purchasing an Australian Guardall deposit safe from a Guardall Premium Dealer or Distributor, which are based in all major cities including Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Anchor and Brisbane, will enable you to have the desired protection you are seeking.

Speak to your closest dealer today to help you choose the right Guardall data safe or money safe for your needs. All the Guardall Dealers and Distributors are police cleared and will be able to deliver and install the Guardall safe of your choice.




Dimensions: EXT 280H x 250W x 180D

Weight: 12KG

Dimensions: EXT 300H x 280W x 260D

Weight: 14KG

Dimensions: EXT 455H x 320W x 300D

Weight: 32KG

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